If you would like to assist Dominica in its time of dire need, post-Hurricane Maria, then please consider donating in cash or kind to an aid organization  or relief provider, as noted below.  On-island visitor ‘Voluntourism’  packages are also available via the Discover Dominica Authority.   Recovery from this catastrophic event is an ongoing process and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!

Click on these links for further information about how you can help:

All Hands and Hearts (U.S.)

Canadian Red Cross

Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association (Canada)

Discover Dominica Authority’s ‘Voluntourism’ Initiative

Help For Dominica (U.K.)

Lifeline Ministries Dominica 

*All photos were taken in the Loubiere and Pointe Michel areas in March 2018, about SIX months after Hurricane Maria! These two seaside villages and environs were hardest hit on the island, with the highest number of deaths.